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Tonight's gonna be a good night...

Sat, 12/26/2009 - 7:20PM by joues roses 0 Comments -

Merry X'mas everyone! Here am i working so hard to finish my report but still able to squeeze a whole night's time just to spend a fabulous stayover @ Chev's place last night with Copyri9hts! Omg seriously think it was the best best best thing we had done since like a zillion years? HAHA i didn't expect that the few of them could really get sooo high and crazy after drinking...and i paused for a moment to double-check if they were really my friends LOL. Matt got freaking drunk and even puke and thanks for occupying the entire sofa. To Chev sorry for not letting you know jouesroses until just now hehe but anyw, your house decorations were totally amazing. Especially the living room, so warm and cosy..aiya just simply every part of everything la! And what a brilliant idea of writing on the little cards to every one of us though Xf did it beforehand but still, she wrote again, sweeet you both! We draw slots and had our gift exchanges too after that. Thank you Aaron for the necklace so thoughful of you and dearest Eben love for the shoes yaaay so harrppyyy!!! We took alot of pictures too btw, but i am just gna post those nicer ones here and make it private on FB cos almost every picture was very unglam. Hmm i think i listed down every single thing we did hahaha wna say i really really feel thankful and fortunate to have all of you by my side all these while. May it last till forever when our hair turns grey. Okay back to reality school starts Monday!

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 2:05AM by joues roses 0 Comments -

Projects are taking away my hols now but thing is, i should be able to hand up everything on time with all the rush this week. Okay maybe not, i have not started on the C&R field trip report and CRM IJ how nice. Just can't wait to get over with all these seriously.

So in preparation for Xf's 18th this Sunday, met the guys in the evening to order this truffle cake which im gna collect on Saturday. And all of us will meet up to make this big card for her as well, our plan is to surprise her on Sunday morning with carrot cake first kekeke! Hmm i can't seem to do much more but hopefully, she will enjoy every part of it. Oh! Spending X'mas @ Chev's place, always love stayovers heehee~ Alright, i have to sleep now before i am late for the project meeting @ 10am later ugh...goodnight.

Run run run away little girl, Get your foot in this trashy world...

Sun, 12/13/2009 - 2:28PM by joues roses 0 Comments -

Hi lovely sugars what more can i ask for...it's the holidays again! Yay!

And X'mas is just another week plus away. An indication to how fast the year is coming an end that's so scary i just turned eighteen omg. Speaking of which, it was my Virgin Night last night @ Rebel like finally heehee!! Love the company much and i invited Wanling too. Exciting Saturday night i had thanks to them! And April 3 8 was so nicee to stop by for awhile..randomly enough hahaha. Okay going off to get my jeans now. I love cheap thrills!

P.S. I can't wait for X'mas and Copy, i don't care we must celebrate a big one this year! C:

Laughters of the Rain

Fri, 11/27/2009 - 12:36AM by joues roses 0 Comments -

Hi it's so rare of me to blog just another day huh hmm.. Today was just another normal Thursday but sitting @ Starbucks with my usual cup of MochaFrap and just staring out to the traffic brought much satisfaction for no reason why hahaha. Though there's so many deadlines coming up, i still allow myself to indulge in relaxation for just this lil while and it really feels good after that. And boomz, you got the right frame of mind to start the brain cracking again...that's called life right?! So came a sudden rain that brought much laughters, droplets by droplets. Oh what a Thursday for me!

A Whole New Worlddd~

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 1:34AM by joues roses 0 Comments -

Hello boys and girls so sorry to leave sugar not updated but i will, now. Hahaha!

So..i've been busy lately, with the freaking A&P IJ+surveys for both Ginvera & Chcoz. And finally my blasting eighteennn of course!!! Dear Chev surprised Paige & me with two little cakes from her CG on her day of performance for MUSE II and followed by another surprise two Saturdays ago from Copyri9hts! Everything was just sooo perfect that day, only that i haven't bathe felt so shitty when taking the pictures uglyzz. So NOT gonna upload those pictures teehee except for the ones we took while having dinner @ New York New York. And wth i ate too much then went to puke so terribly while we were halfway into Paranormal Activity. That movie sucks by the way, tsk tsk cheap production. Got a black Fossil watch from Dad on Sunday+butter with salted egg crab for dinner damn good! Oh yes had Thai Express with my lovables on the actual day of my birthday and Eben surprised me with this big handmade card filled with all the heart-shaped writings from (youknowwhoyouare) hahaha THANK YOU ALL MUCH. To Wanling also, for the lovely stalk of turqoise blue rose!

Okay i can't remember the rest hehe so forget it let's talk about this week. All the visitings to Chocz outlets' weren't fruitful for our surveys. Guess we're all gonna die hard for the report sigh..but thanks to Yihui for drivng us there though sucha waste of time kekeke especially today, went to the Arcade zz... And term test time-table's out, suddenly realised i am so lag behind time omg scared. Alright, i won't go into details now some pictures to go! Goodnight.

Chev & CG Surprise!

Copyri9hts' Surprise!

My awesome ice-cream cake yummy!!

Dinner @ New York New York with the boys!

Dinner @ Thai Express with the girls love them all!